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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a by-word for most of the online businesses and industries today. SEO Services, especially in India, have been helpful in promoting any business via its online presence. However, like in other industries, SEO too comprises of certain SEO Services or tactics that can actually make your site get blacklisted, which may turn round the tables, thereby making you and your business suffer more losses.

Avoid Some Tactics

Of course SEO services in India, comprise of millions of multiple faced tactics that can easily get your site blacklisted among the leading search engines. For getting a microscopic idea, it becomes important to know about some of the most important services that can make your site and your business suffer losses.

  • Too good- If you see that some companies are offering with too good SEO services along with providing too good opportunities, then probably you should stay vigilant. Basically these companies use typical methods, that may however not affect their company, but when put online, can have a real bad affect on yours.
  • Spam content- Spam is the very enemy for any online site. A spam content is created by the creation of several fake and unauthentic pages. These pages are filled with filler text and then your respective keywords are placed therein in these filler texts. Most of the leading searches simply hate spam content to its very core.
  • Buying Links- No matter what kind of business is it; buying or purchasing links is never good. It may sound actually simple, but Google actually is taking strict action for such acts. For saving yourself, you can put your legitimate advertising links, with a “no follow” marked link. This will be helpful from getting you penalized.
  • Meta keywords stuffing- This means the putting of too many keywords in the respective Meta description. This is done for improving keyword density for assuring that the Google crawler can easily find the required target keyword. However, this step can actually backfire your site, since Google allows only a specific frequency for the use of these keywords.
  • Hiding Content- This includes a typical technique wherein the required text is placed along with the keywords in the respective page and then with the use of the CSS, the text is either made to look extremely small or are placed very close against the respective background colour. The site visitors will not be able to notice it, but Google can actually do it. This step must be avoided at all costs.

All these techniques along with many more include one thing in common, the use of typical tactics that make Google think there is some form of real site, which is actually not. For getting better rankings, the only short-cut way is to follow the simple right path, like the use of the proper content and all. Like in other aspects, the only short-cut to better rankings in SEO, for the best SEO services in India, at least, is via the right path.

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Ravi Shankar

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