Most Effective SEO Practices for 2014

In a world of web based search engines how do you ensure that your answer will find the right question? It will be through Search Engine Optimization. When someone performs a search on an online search engine, the SEO affects the visibility of a particular website/page based on which the website/page will get more hits. In other words, a SEO gets you traffic from search engines.

We live in an algorithmic online world in which the algorithms are always being updated. A smart market analyst must always look towards the optimization of the algorithms and keep in mind that SEOs are now a critical part of one’s integrated marketing strategy. When someone uses a search engine, it uses a program called a crawler. This program crawls throughout the web, picking up sites/pages relevant to the search. Next, it indexes the page based on certain keywords into a huge directory, from which it can be later retrieved. And lastly, it sorts the database based on the relevancy of the search and brings out the results.

Here are 6 of the best SEO practices in today’s world to keep one up with the flow of crawlers by SEO Services Company in India:

  • Always optimize your title-tags. Ensure that all the textual and non-textual items on your webpage are crawled through. Without a proper SEO, a site may be looked over and not reported in the search results even though it contains the keywords relevant to the search.
  • It is always right to ensure that your SEO is not using search manipulative tactics such as ‘keyword stuffing’ to enhance the search results, otherwise it may result in penalizing.
  • The crawlers usually pay special attention to certain tags such as “<h2>”. A good SEO always places the target keyword phrases into such tags.
  • A search engine friendly sitemap is one of the ground necessities of good search engine optimization. This also includes building index links to all the webpages in the site.
  • Considering that the material of your site is in top order and up to date, in order for it be relevant for a search engine, the SEO must create a company blog or news section, which the crawler may pick-up and find the right tags too.
  • Since the internet has moved out of desktops and laptops, one must ensure that one’s website is android or other mobile OS friendly. In addition, it is always advisable to set up Google authorship as it results in an increment in the number of publishers.
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