Save Yourself from Committing The Panda Mistake

The Panda update by Google has cost eBay $200 million. Though it is a meager 1% of eBay’s yearly revenue, $200 million is no laughing matter. Hence, beware because, you also may have a problem like this in future that is, the Panda mistake. Both e-commerce sites and basic sites can take the following guidelines into consideration, in order to avoid making a mistake like eBay.

Pointers to follow:

  • Your focus should be to create good content. The biggest mistake eBay made was offering quite a few pages of thin content which contained very little product details. Try to avoid this type of mistake.
  • The product pages which are most important are to be prioritized. Using web analytics will help you determine the product pages which are very popular. By using the sales data and analytics, you can determine the most important product pages. After that, make those pages content savvy.
  • Adding user-generated content should be explored. Reviews, ratings, and other such user-generated content are useful for your customers. It helps them to determine whether the product is appropriate for them.
  • Product pages which are irrelevant should be properly handled. Your approach should be based upon your site’s volume.
  • Make your site compatible on mobile. At present, mobile accounts for over 1/3 search traffic.
  • Sources of your traffic should be diversified. Do not limit yourself to search engines only. Look out to social networking sites, emails and various other channels for exchanging dialogue with customers. These portals will also help new people to find you.
  • Paid search is something you should keep an eye on. Paid search is an important element of marketing. It will also help you in rough patches concerning the beefing up of your SEO, traffic and social diversification and also with ongoing engagements.
  • Your site should be attractive and interesting. Try to gain attention for your site as because, this will help you get repeat business and revenues.

Prevention is better than Cure

Armed with these important dictums, you will no longer remain powerless if situations like the Panda mistake crops up. Whether helping customers to fully understand what you are offering before they vie for competition channels, or actively participating in e-Commerce activities, being penalized by a huge amount of search penalty is a bummer. Thus, to avoid getting caught in such a predicament, it is better to take precautions. SEO Services Company India is here to help you avoid these mistakes.

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